BGC Metal Co.Ltd , that grows day by day with its professional approach to the works conducted starting from the day of its foundation, is continuously developing and growing to be able to give better service at all times. In line with our foundation philosophy, seeing customer satisfaction as the center of our company values is our essential principle. In all the works and projects we deal with, the main focus of our attention is how to satisfy our clients from the services provided by our company. Quality, delivery on time, and cost control, all of which are the essentials of our business life, force our company to operate in a proactive way. In our today’s global trade where risk management creates the difference, our planned, organised, disciplined, and customer focused business approach always motivates us to improve our company and service standards at all times.

To see that our value chain, which we formed together with our customers and suppliers with whom we work, gets even stronger with each and every order, production, loading, and delivery, is the biggest source of happiness for us. As part of this value chain, each comment or suggestion, our hearing messages like “thanks”, questions we receive, and methods that are discussed are all evaluated as opportunities for us to develop ourselves further and to improve our service quality. With this approach, BGC Metal Co.Ltd. shows how much they value the employees and institutions with whom they work with and aim to see them more like a business partner than a supplier or a customer.